Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Morning...It has already been a long morning starting at 4am for me to do a cake. The cake was not so bad, I was decorating using whipped icing which is my least favorite to use...Turned out cute though I think for being asked last minute to do a cake.

Last night we had our PSO meeting. We have been trying to save up for playground equipment but at the same time help out teachers with getting things for the school, Music Program (things to be kept and used year to year), True Blue Friday Awards (Spirit Day) and Reading/Math Awards. The kids work so hard to earn this stuff and so much goes into getting the awards and stuff. So we have been helping and these are the things we usually help out with. We wanted to purchase an X Wave2 for the playground (Will post picture and hope it shows, have never done that before on here) anyway the cost of that with shipping would have emptied the PSO acct and we would not have been able to A) Help with anything else this year including Math/Reding Awards and Music Program Stuff and B) Would leave nothing to start with next year and we always try to leave funds to roll over. So we chose to help out other places. We keep being told by parents that more Play Equipment is needed. They complain but they don't come to meetings, they don't send any info. They get reminders of the meetings, they have an email in the newsletters for me if they want to send info or thoughts for the meetings and signs are posted at the school on the day of the meeting yet we only have around 10 who come but when we help out at class parties we are the first for them to complain to that we aren't doing enough. Well funds are limitted. We have to do what we can with what we have and the Help/Support we get. Without that not as much can be done.

We opted to help out these other programs so I am sure we will start hearing more complaints but when you don't bring in enough from the fund raisers, parents don't wanna work to sale anything and with times the way they are it is hard to come up with extra donations, so things are as they are!

If anyone feels like they want to help out NWH to get new play equipment, call NWH and ask how to donate to the PSO or if you know of any organizations who would be willing to help with the cost of new playground equipment let us know or talk to them. All help is appreciated. We had talked about next year maybe trying to help with the Special Needs Play area, they are currently not ready for anything but next year should be and will be looking for things so we had wanted to try and get things or at least 1 piece for that area but again, Budget is an issue, Support from other Parents, is an issue.

Sorry off on my PSO bender again, That is something I am very involved in though and I can't be quiet about it!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while since my last post but I had so much fun this weekend. We had our Woodmen of the World State Convention this weekend. I have been a state officer for the last 4 years and have loved it. For those who don't know what Woodmen is...It is an Insurance Company with a Fraternal Organization. We do lots of stuff to help in communities and to educate people about what the flag means and what it means to be patriotic. We donate playground equipment and do service including National projects including, Join Hands Day, Make a Difference Day, Flags across America Day and 9/11 remembrance. It is a really good group. Locally we have lodges that do all kinds of projects. We have picnics and game nights and all kind fun and business meetings. For more information www.woodmen.com on a state level we also give college scholarships to members who are in good standing...I served on the committee that approved those for 2 years, then a Trustee and got to audit the books for the last 2 years and now I am secretary. Hopefully I won't be too weighed down but I am so excited.

Over the weekend, we checked into the Hotel on Friday afternoon, that evening we had the Youth from our lodge come and do a presentation. Our theme for the weekend was Red Neck Weekend. The youth took this and did a presentation about the flag. We had a grandma rocking in a rocking chair, speaking as red neck as possible and her grandson came in and also spoke redneck and he had a report to do for school on 10 flags...So we grandma told him of 10 American Flags and we had the flags brought in as she told of each, at the end of this they told the meaning of the pledge http://www.poofcat.com/july.html Then they acted out a poem as read... http://www.ellenbailey.com/poems/ellen_348.htm this was also read http://www.usflag.org/poetry.html#IAM
after the youth there was a memorial service for each of the members who had passed away during the 2007-2008 years since our last convention, the I had made a special Memorial video in memory of a man who passed away in our lodge who was also a Past State President. It was very good.

Oh to back up on Saturday we had several members that went to the dedication of where new play equipment is to be put that we are getting for a park (My husband was helping with registration as I took a nap from not sleeping the night before with my bronchitis)

Saturday we started our meetings and we had a special address from someone welcoming us to the city. This year it was a lady from the office of OKC tourism and she brought info about the City and coupons. We also had special guests, The President of Woodmen and Dr. James Shaver a National Director. They addressed us as well and it was a really good time. We heard that during this tough time, WOW is still going strong and not loosing money. During this time with other Financial institutions droppingin ratings we are still an A+ Company which is the 2nd Highest ranking. Woodmen offers Life and medical insurance, Annuities, Cancer Benefits, Newborn benefits, Rx discounts for members, fraternalism and this includes Camps for children 8 and older and Senior camps for the older people who also would like to go. With all their programs, we have no stock holders, no playing the market with your money, they are still coming out on top. and it is looking brighter each day.

Saturday afternoon was free to enjoy OKC, Ryan and I used this time to do Easter shopping, easter dresses for the girls and something to go in each on. then that evening we had our Redneck banquet where everone could come dressed up as a Redneck, they served Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Taters, Green Beans and cobber...The table decorations were cups with WOW written on them and tobacco cans on a stick beef jerky, Peanuts, sunflower seeds and RC Cola and a Moonpie at every plate. after this we had a Red Neck Variety show, singing, jokes, skits...I may try to post pics or videos at some other point when I figure that out on here.

Then Sunday morning we finished up meetings, Reports from the commitees who had met to discuss certain things including the nominating committee who nominated Wilma Wright (from my lodge) as State President, John Moy (OKC Lodge) as VP, Me as secretary and Connie Worley (OKC Lodge) as Treasurer. There are also so many more positions, escort, greeter, musician, sgt at arms, trustees, scholarship committee...I have missed on, i can't think. but all positions were filled. Not sure the date of the next Officer meeting but it will be to begin planning for the State Picnic. Ever Even year we have a State Picnic this is just a fun weekend to enjoy with your family. we have games, events, food, bingo, socialization, silent auction, country store, cake walk...a whole weekend of fun on the Odd years we have our State Convention were the State Officers attend as well as delegates from each of the lodges, the # of delegates depends on the # of people who are in your lodge (this does not mean active members but of all that have WOW insurance or other product are considered members).
We try to make the Conventions enjoyable and at the same time do things that will benefit the area we are having the convention, as playground equipment at a park, In the past it has been benches and other things, I usually don't get to go to the dedications for one reason or another so i can't remember what all they have been .

Anyway that was my weekend. It was so much fun.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ok - So Econonmy in Trouble and they want to waste our money...

What is this about. We are all struggling right now. Some can't find a job, others are having hours cut and stuff and our Government in OK wants to up our taxes so they can Italicize the word Oklahoma and add and exclamation point!!!

Our flag has been the same since 1941. It ain't broke - Don't fix it. Our economy is slowly breaking, Falling apart. More and more are going on welfare and other government assistant programs. More and more are filing applications and hoping to get a call (I know I see many of them OVER, and OVER and OVER again!) It is so hard to find a job in these times and you just want us to pay for changing a flag that is PERFECT the way it is?

We are paying Politicians to sit up in the House and talk about non-sense. We really need someone to talk about this issues and what to do to try and help not make worse!

If anyone interested in what I am talking about here is the news story as posted on our local station KXII!


Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's hard when your kids are sick!

Ashley is just fine in every aspect except for her eyes. She has so much energy and does not want to be still. No fever or anything...Just her eyes.

Monday I got an email from the school nurse. They noticed as Ashley was in the line to get on the bus that her left eye was red and swollen and might have some puss green color coming out...So Ryan calls and schedules an appointment...Yep it is pink eye...They give us drops to put in her eyes and do you know how hard it is to hold down an 4 yr old and put something in her eyes! So daddy doctored them after they got home with her prescription then I get home and we make dinner...We notice her Right eye is starting to swell and get red so we doctor both eyes. She woke up this morning and had the Right eye swollen shut, left eye is not so red or swollen but the right is...So hold down put drops in and decide to bring her to work for just a couple of hours...She has so much energy and just wants to do everything and if only Pink eye was not contagious...I could take her to school and have a normal day instead she has not where to put all that energy! Hopefully both eyes are clear tomorrow, if they are then the dr said she is ok to go to school so we shall see!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Did I break a mirror? or a Black Cat walk in front of me?...

I have never been one to be superstitious but, my word, what all can one person take!!!

First Ryan's radiator gives out
Then Ryan's hours get cut in half
that was a week ago...things go OK, then Friday 2/27 Ryan is changing out his radiator...all goes well, no problems. While he is doing that I make Mac and cheese, Ashley goes to the bathroom. I run in to use the toilet and don't look and sit and the toilet is at the brim! Plunger is not working...Ryan grabs a snake for the toilet and that doesn't work...We tell the kids not to use the toilet, I give the girls mac and cheese in the kitchen While I hold a light for Ryan to put Radiator fluid in his car...I come in The girls are done eating and have decided to wash their hands. Ashley flips over the side of the chair and lands on her face...Her cheek swelled a little and put ice and it was ok...I left to go to Wal-mart to get something to put in toilet and to get a GOOD plunger and find what I need, Hope to run into someone from work so I could get Scotty's number, he is our plumber and he was going to buy a rotor rooter so I was going to get his # incase we ended up needing one. Don't run into anyone (which is entirely unusual as I see EVERYONE at Walmart and never miss someone from work!) until I am leaving. I saw our purchasing Mgr and he did not have it nor did the site superindendent (he does the job sites doesn't work much with Scotty) out of 70 guys in the plant and 4 in the office and abou 80% of those call the Group Leaders (Scotty is one) when they are not oging to be there and I get the 2 who don't call him! Get home, get that fixed...get Ameera ready for bed and she fell off the bed. Ameera coughed all night long and even until she threw up. I took her to after hours care at her dr office on Sat and was told her lungs sound Juicy...so they call in med for that, she sounds better...we get home and start getting ready for Conference. Need to grab some church clothes for Saturday session. Ashley calls to daddy "Hide I am counting" He tries to slide into the side of the closet and grabbed the bar holding the clothes and it fell out of the wall and now had to be replaced. we have our clothes piled on the bed until we get this fixed...Ryan plans to do this tomorrow. We go to conference and all was well. Sunday we were getting ready...Plan was to leave at 8:30, Watch the Stake Conference which is being broadcast from SLC. So we were going to watch in McKinney. Well we got a late start...Headed out at 8:50 we get on at Washington Street and before we get to the McDonald's Exit in Durant (less than a mile) we had a flat...by the time we got the changed and the spare did not look that good, we decided to run home and switch into my uncle's van which we were borrowing since Ryan's car had the Radiator problem and we were going to return it to day...so we take it to Dallas but since we are running so late (it is 9:45 by now and conference starts at 10) we decide to watch here and leave when the Closing song starts. We set down...they are having technical difficulties...we catch bits and pieces...My Sis and her dh decided to go to Sherman to watch they could at least watch the last half...we decided to follow since that is the direction we are going. We get there in time for the last talk which was the last hour. It was really good. I called my mom afterwards to see if they ever got conference...they did not get picture but they got audio in time for the last hour so they didn't hear anymore than we saw...so we head out...(almost forgot we had to get our GPS back from my sister who had borrowed our when they left in in the car that in the shop). They loaned one to the elders and were pretty sure it was ours so they got it from them prior to going to Sherman...We head out and get the GPS out and search our fav locations for Dean's address we have saved...It is not there...In fact, we have Christa's GPS. So we call Christa...it takes 3 calls to get an answer. Finally get her and get the address out of Our GPS. So we got down there and all was fun. This morning we get up and I go to take the van..>Drive to mom's to drop off Ashley and it seems to be dragging. my spare is going flat...so we air it up...I go to work, have PSO lunch meeting in which only 5 showed up. then back to work. Pick up the girls and Ryan. Have my cell under my right knee. We get back into town before 6 and go to get my tire changed. Ryan walks across the stree to O'Riely's with the girls and I go in to pay, leaving my driver window down and my phone either in my seat or in the cup holder. I pay with my back turned about 3 mintues. come out my tire is changed I pull out to go across the street and go to pull out my phone to tell Ryan I am there and can't find my phone...thinking it just fell down We leave, I drop Ryan and the girls at Wal-mart while I run to pay car payment and Lowes and home to see if I can find my phone...I have tore apart the van and still have not found it...went thru my purse and computer bag and could not find it, went thru Ryan's stuff and still nothing. My phone was not dead but had just got to the last bar and had not had time to actually die...never beeped I tried to call it numerous times and it goes straight to Vm...It is not in my car...So either my brain does not work and I took it in with me to the tire place and left it, or it fell out as I got out of my car or someone took it out of my car and since there were only 2 guys out there and they were working ont he front Driver tire by the open window...they could have easily taken it. Come home, go to suspend it until I find it and see my phone does not have insurance which I know I signed up for when I set up the acct but that is a whole other story with the phones...I have the paperwork showing where I signed up for both phones to have insurance...They got my # fixed (i was keeping current # under my dad's plan on mine and that was after talking to 3 different people and being told YES you can do that if he releases it...) well after they got it straightened out and put that # on my acct they deleted the insurance I did not know that till tonight. So I call they got the set up and I will be charged $5 per month for the last 5 months to have the insurance but it is worth it...I had the suspend my phone and will call the insurance tomorrow after I have had time to check to make sure it is not sitting on casteel's service desk...

I kept thinking all day if I have happy thoughts and be happy and cheerful and don't let everything that happened this weekend get me down then stuff would get better then my phone dissappeared...Not to mention the email I got as school got out that Ashley's eye is red, puffy and oozing so possible pink eye...She has an appt tomorrow at 9:15 to see if it is...So one more thing...

So Black cat, Broken Mirror, Walk under a ladder, What? I have no idea...Ready for it all to get better though!

Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Official My 4 year old Daughter is BOY CRAZY

She comes home talking boys, boys, boys...she wants to hang out with boys...Wants to go play with my sisters foster Son David who tried to kiss her the other day...Jacoby at school did kiss her once and they both got in trouble and I think he kissed her on the cheek when I picked her up the other day.

Well this morning I could not get her moving...So as a joke I finally said if she didn't get up I was going to take here in her t-shirt she slept in and her night time diaper (pull up) and Jacoby would see it...I don't think I have ever seen her run so fast to get ready in the morning! So would you call that boy crazy?!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Yesterday was fun!

Yesterday we went to Fort Washita for a WWII reenactment they were doing. They had some old vehicles and stuff and it was really fun...the paper had said a battle would happen between 1 and 3, we got there at 1:10 and were told it would start at 2, well the actual battle didn't start until 3 but it was lots of fun. they were using smoke bombs and stuff for grenades and the kids were loving it. Until about 25 min into one of the smoke bomb or other firecrackers caught the grass on fire. all of a sudden they had the American's and Germans all out there fighting a fire...it was heading north luckily they got it stopped. After that they were going to start the fight back up but the fire took too much out of them and they had to stop. We got some pics and stuff which maybe I will get posted eventually but it was lots of fun.

Last night we went to Sherman and I did lots of Window shopping. Ryan kept up with the kids. I did really good and didn't spend much other than dinner and dollar tree, and panty hose at walmart plus gas. Ryan got a couple things at TJ Max but we did good. There were a couple things I was looking for and didn't find but did have a lot of fun.

That was our Sat. Hope you all had a great weekend!