Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Good Morning...It has already been a long morning starting at 4am for me to do a cake. The cake was not so bad, I was decorating using whipped icing which is my least favorite to use...Turned out cute though I think for being asked last minute to do a cake.

Last night we had our PSO meeting. We have been trying to save up for playground equipment but at the same time help out teachers with getting things for the school, Music Program (things to be kept and used year to year), True Blue Friday Awards (Spirit Day) and Reading/Math Awards. The kids work so hard to earn this stuff and so much goes into getting the awards and stuff. So we have been helping and these are the things we usually help out with. We wanted to purchase an X Wave2 for the playground (Will post picture and hope it shows, have never done that before on here) anyway the cost of that with shipping would have emptied the PSO acct and we would not have been able to A) Help with anything else this year including Math/Reding Awards and Music Program Stuff and B) Would leave nothing to start with next year and we always try to leave funds to roll over. So we chose to help out other places. We keep being told by parents that more Play Equipment is needed. They complain but they don't come to meetings, they don't send any info. They get reminders of the meetings, they have an email in the newsletters for me if they want to send info or thoughts for the meetings and signs are posted at the school on the day of the meeting yet we only have around 10 who come but when we help out at class parties we are the first for them to complain to that we aren't doing enough. Well funds are limitted. We have to do what we can with what we have and the Help/Support we get. Without that not as much can be done.

We opted to help out these other programs so I am sure we will start hearing more complaints but when you don't bring in enough from the fund raisers, parents don't wanna work to sale anything and with times the way they are it is hard to come up with extra donations, so things are as they are!

If anyone feels like they want to help out NWH to get new play equipment, call NWH and ask how to donate to the PSO or if you know of any organizations who would be willing to help with the cost of new playground equipment let us know or talk to them. All help is appreciated. We had talked about next year maybe trying to help with the Special Needs Play area, they are currently not ready for anything but next year should be and will be looking for things so we had wanted to try and get things or at least 1 piece for that area but again, Budget is an issue, Support from other Parents, is an issue.

Sorry off on my PSO bender again, That is something I am very involved in though and I can't be quiet about it!!!

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Jess said...

It totally stinks when people.. especially the parents... want to complain but not take action to make changes.... I think its a wonderful thing your trying to do... I hope you find someone who can help get what the kids need.. Keep up the good work! =)