Monday, February 2, 2009

It's Official My 4 year old Daughter is BOY CRAZY

She comes home talking boys, boys, boys...she wants to hang out with boys...Wants to go play with my sisters foster Son David who tried to kiss her the other day...Jacoby at school did kiss her once and they both got in trouble and I think he kissed her on the cheek when I picked her up the other day.

Well this morning I could not get her moving...So as a joke I finally said if she didn't get up I was going to take here in her t-shirt she slept in and her night time diaper (pull up) and Jacoby would see it...I don't think I have ever seen her run so fast to get ready in the morning! So would you call that boy crazy?!

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Carissa Mason said...

Oh...get ready!!! Julia has her eyes on a little boy in her class named Blake. Cutie that he is, I couldn't help but think in the back of my mind "Good choice, dear!". But alas, I slap myself in the forehead and continue trying to convince her that boys really do have cooties.
I mean they do, right?
Why else do they look like that when they sleep and why else do they scratch themselves and give off noxious gasses?