Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life is BUSY

I just keep adding more and more to my plate! I am still very active in PSO and wanting to do whatever possible to make more people interested and want to participate. One of the big projects we really wanted to do just to get the word out, and this was discusses last year with not issues about having one, was a PSO website for NWH. Originally they wanted the NWH Web master do to this but she let me know she does not have the time and if we wanted to make one ourselves and send her the link she would update it. This way we could post when our meetings are, our contacts and projects we are currently working on as well as post pictures of past projects. Well since she was not able to do this, we picked 2 people to be our web masters and design and keep up to date the info, however we have since been informed the most we can do is send our Names and contact info as well as 1 picture of a previous project and the dates of our meetings, other than that not much...Maybe a Line or 2 of what PSO is. The reason being that whoever makes the web page HAS to be a faculty or staff member of NWH and none of them have time to do this, so it is crazy. So far we are having a fairly good turn out First meeting had about 30 parents (of course they each wanted to help their child's class earn a pizza party). The next meeting we had about 15. So I hope it does not keep dwindling. I don't know how to get info out there. We can't do a site and link to it from the school site in any way shape or form. I just don't know how to get more of a word out there. Any way I guess that is my rant.

Now on to life is busy. Ryan Jr is in Karate and loving it, Ashley has started playing soccer with her first game coming up this Saturday. Ameera, is just Ameera and enjoying life. Ryan Sr has been traveling some with work and is out of town in Dallas several times but this week he left this morning for Mississippi. he will return Sat but not in time for Ashley's soccer game. With him gone it makes it really difficult to get my hours and still take care of the kids. We have the girls enrolled in Daycare towards where he works, A) they had the space and B) It is a REALLY nice facility. Ashley is in Pre-K until 3 then goes there, Ameera is there all day. They open at 6 and close at 6 and since that is 20 min from Durant and I work 10 min the other side of Durant this makes a really long morning. When Ryan is out of town I get up at 4:30 to get stuff together and shower. Dress Ameera for Daycare and just carry Ashley out as is. Drive to Daycare, Drop off Ameera, Drive back to town to my mom's Wake up Ashley and dress her then to work. I am suppose to work 7:30 to 4:30 but I am good to make it by 7:45 or 8. I usually try to stay until 5:30 to make up my time then run to get the girls getting there just before 6, however Tues and Thurs can't do this...karate at 5 and Soccer at 6. My mom usually takes my son to Karate but sometimes they have to go somewhere for meetings so I am just trying to find time to breath. On top of these things this week, I am also making Bday cake(s) for Saturday. We are having a Triple Bday Party for Ameera and 2 of her cousins Sat in the Dallas area. So I have to make the cakes and find a way to balance them down to Dallas since Daddy will probably be meeting us at the party...So...can the week get any busier...Oh I forgot I have to make Snacks for Ashley's Class and we have Friendly Friday on Friday night (Pine Car Derby) grandpa is helping Ryan Jr with a car, I thought about going to Sherman and just buying a couple of pre-cut cars and give the girls markers to color them but I don't have the time to run there. I have invited some friends to come so that should be fun. Also we are getting ready for Super Saturday next Sat the 27th, another full day for me. 8 am is Ashley Soccer game, 9-2 is Super Sat activities which I am the 1st counselor and teaching some of the classes, Oma (Cindy) and my friend Lisa are planning on coming. After the activities, Oma and Papa Dean are gonna do something with Ameera for her birthday, then 5 I am suppose to have a Woodman of the World Planning meeting (which I found out about after all my other plans were made) and then back to the church at 7pm for a RS broadcast...Wow another day of not taking a breath! and I am sure other things will pop up between to make it that more hectic. I know they were already talking about changing the time of Super Sat to 12-6 that way more will stay for the broadcast and not have to come back but I would not be able to do the classes I am doing so I don't know...Just too crazy!