Friday, July 6, 2007

6 July 2007

I am still not great at Blogging or journaling but I am gonna try and get better!

Things have been really crazy here. I went to a Job Fair for Durant a couple of weeks ago and filled out applications for several jobs. I have heard from 2 of them. One was Enterprise rent-a-car and they called me for my first phone interview then sent me a letter telling me thank you for my interest but they decided to go with other candidates. The other place I recieved a phone call from was ICON Construction! I had an interview last Wednesday with them in McKinney Texas and was hired to start the 16th of July so now I am trying to find daycare. I will be an Office Administrative Assistant. The office is out on Big Lots Parkway in Durant and I will be making more, so hopefully we can get some bills paid off and Ryan wants to go back to school!

I will still be working at the Funeral home 2 nights a week as needed and 2 weekends a month but this may only go on for a month or 2 to help out with day care. They had origionally offered me to go days taking Latisha's job because she will be starting nursing school and wanted to know how much i would need to be pd...well I have 3 kids that would need daycare in summer and 2 in the fall when school starts back so i would have to make enough to cover that...I told them how much after I called around and checked daycare prices and told them how much i would need. They started blowing me off when I would ask them about it. So when I went in Last Sunday I told them I would be starting another position and would have to cut my hours and they had NO problem with that...I then found out on the 4th of July that they had hired someone else last week and they have been training him for taking Latisha's job...So why couldn't they just tell me that and give me the raise they promised regardless 2 months ago!

Things have been really crazy because cars have given us problems and we have had to pay lots to fix those and on top of that I had my Aunt and Uncles 50th Wedding Anniversary cake to do in June then June 29th my sister's baby shower and now getting ready for the 14th of July forAshley's birthday party. We are gonna go to Chuck E. Cheese in Garland.

Christa now has a foster child. Lydia, 11, she is a member of the church and has had lots of problems so had been staying with my sister for the last 3 weeks. She helped me a lot taking care of the kids and planning my sister's baby shower. She helped plan, get decorations together and everything that goes along with it the week of. She and I even made a diaper cake with some diapers she had bought for Christa and I got some different things for her to stick in it. She then had to meet with DHS last Thursday and she got back to the house about 5pm. We were trying to load everything up to go decorate and we got a call saying they were coming back to get her for us not to leave until they had picked her up. She was SOOO disappointed she had been counting down the time. They put her in foster care but we did get permission for her to go to the baby shower on Friday night. Monday Christa, Mom and Dad, and I went to see what we needed to do to get her back, we also took some other members for her older brother and sister, they were going to try and get KINSHIP of them. Christa had to go have Ammon sign stuff and they rushed the background check and Christa was able to get her on Monday night! Wednesday we had a "Welcome Home Party" for Lydia and gave her some presents and I made a cake! She still has 2 baby sisters (3 1/2 and 2 I think) who are in foster care. I don't think I could handle 2 more of those ages right now!

Tuesday 3 July 2007 we had a full day. I went for my drug test for my new job, drove by and picked up applications to some daycares and then drove to Sherman, going by the Denison Dam as the Spillway is about to go over for the 3rd time in 50 years (when it was built it was only suppose to go over once every 100 years!) we looked out at the spillway but did not get out then. Ameera had her 9mnth check up where every thing was good. Then we drove to Garland to Ryan's mom's house. We had dinner with the missionaries and talked for a while. His mom had to take some medicine to his sister's work so we went over to the mall to walk around for a bit then we went back to her house and swam for an hour or so. We came home and got home just about midnight...dead tired! Bub was up at 7am wanting to go to Mema's so Ryan took him over there, then I made Lydia's cake and took to mom's.

Wednesday I took Lydia and the kids to get some fireworks and to the spilway to look out. Then fireworks and cook out later that night with my family.

Thursday we took a quick trip to Sherman to take footage from the 1990 flood in the area, water going over the spillway. Mom went with us then we came back by way of the spillway, lydia went with us and wanted to see it! she is really excited about it...They are predicting it to go over between 4 and 6pm today! so I guess we will see!

Today I am gonna work on the house and getting stuff together for daycare applications and see if i can get them turned in!

The kids are doing pretty good. Ameera is 9mnths and has 6 teeth and bites EVERYTHING. Ashley is not wanting to potty train. We have been trying for MONTHS and she REFUSES! Bub is in speech therapy every Monday right now and is getting better but still has some problems but we are working on it. When I put them in Daycare my sister and Lydia are going to keep him on Mondays so they can take him to Speech Therapy and Lydia is going to work with him on his sounds and address and phone #. He will play with her and try to say stuff that he won't for us so hopefully that will help a lot before he start Kindergarten.

Well that is an update...If I can get myself writing more regular, then this won't be SOOOO long!


Monday, January 8, 2007

January 8, 2007

Well today has been crazy, or i should say the whole weekend!! My daughter has been sick with this stomach virus, my son's asthma is acting up and just all in all crazy. my dh and my dad had to fix a broken hot water pipe under the house, raked leaves off the roof, and leaves out of the yard of the house we are putting up for rent. Finally we went to Frisco, leaving after 5, get to the mall(going to get pictures made of the kids, i go nurse my youngest while daddy takes the other 2 to play. we got some awesome pics from kiddie kandids! left the mall around 10pm drove to garland where we were staying in a hotel. Sunday we went to church in Mesquite with my SIL & BIL , they blessed their daughter. Ashley got really upset when daddy went up to help with the blessing so i held her and she passed out...they she started feeling really hot, i know she had fever just couldn't take her temp. Daddy went out and sat on the couch with her asleep on his lap, she slept for like 2 - 2 1/2 hours then woke up and threw up on daddy!! Great especially since we were going to my FIL to spend belated Christmas since he was out of town and we live out of town! so she went home with MIL (they are divorced) and slept while we went to see FIL. Had dinner from Johny Carino's and opened presents. It was really good. by the time we go to MIL Ashley was acting as if nothing was wrong. My mom also called and told me my sis was put into the hospital...she is 4 1/2 - 5 weeks preg. she has not been able to keep food or liquids down for a week and lost 6lbs so they put her in the hospital yesterday when she called her OBGYN at home (he is our cousin!) She is still in the hospital today. She and her Dh are going to rent our rent house though. When we got home last night Ashley had fever again 101.5 yeah...up till around 2 then up by 7 fun! today she acts like she feels better until we were out running errands and just as we stopped to drop something off for my sister at the hospital, Ashley threw up in the guess she is still not feeling that much better! tonight I have Woodman of the World meeting and PSO, since i have to choose, this month I am going to WOW since I am an officer and they are installing us tonight! Tomorrow is my 27th birthday and Thurs I have to go back to Dallas for a meeting with Church. So it is going to continue to be busy...I guess we will see what else comes into factor as the week goes!!