Sunday, April 5, 2009

Hello everyone, I know it has been a while since my last post but I had so much fun this weekend. We had our Woodmen of the World State Convention this weekend. I have been a state officer for the last 4 years and have loved it. For those who don't know what Woodmen is...It is an Insurance Company with a Fraternal Organization. We do lots of stuff to help in communities and to educate people about what the flag means and what it means to be patriotic. We donate playground equipment and do service including National projects including, Join Hands Day, Make a Difference Day, Flags across America Day and 9/11 remembrance. It is a really good group. Locally we have lodges that do all kinds of projects. We have picnics and game nights and all kind fun and business meetings. For more information on a state level we also give college scholarships to members who are in good standing...I served on the committee that approved those for 2 years, then a Trustee and got to audit the books for the last 2 years and now I am secretary. Hopefully I won't be too weighed down but I am so excited.

Over the weekend, we checked into the Hotel on Friday afternoon, that evening we had the Youth from our lodge come and do a presentation. Our theme for the weekend was Red Neck Weekend. The youth took this and did a presentation about the flag. We had a grandma rocking in a rocking chair, speaking as red neck as possible and her grandson came in and also spoke redneck and he had a report to do for school on 10 flags...So we grandma told him of 10 American Flags and we had the flags brought in as she told of each, at the end of this they told the meaning of the pledge Then they acted out a poem as read... this was also read
after the youth there was a memorial service for each of the members who had passed away during the 2007-2008 years since our last convention, the I had made a special Memorial video in memory of a man who passed away in our lodge who was also a Past State President. It was very good.

Oh to back up on Saturday we had several members that went to the dedication of where new play equipment is to be put that we are getting for a park (My husband was helping with registration as I took a nap from not sleeping the night before with my bronchitis)

Saturday we started our meetings and we had a special address from someone welcoming us to the city. This year it was a lady from the office of OKC tourism and she brought info about the City and coupons. We also had special guests, The President of Woodmen and Dr. James Shaver a National Director. They addressed us as well and it was a really good time. We heard that during this tough time, WOW is still going strong and not loosing money. During this time with other Financial institutions droppingin ratings we are still an A+ Company which is the 2nd Highest ranking. Woodmen offers Life and medical insurance, Annuities, Cancer Benefits, Newborn benefits, Rx discounts for members, fraternalism and this includes Camps for children 8 and older and Senior camps for the older people who also would like to go. With all their programs, we have no stock holders, no playing the market with your money, they are still coming out on top. and it is looking brighter each day.

Saturday afternoon was free to enjoy OKC, Ryan and I used this time to do Easter shopping, easter dresses for the girls and something to go in each on. then that evening we had our Redneck banquet where everone could come dressed up as a Redneck, they served Chicken Fried Steak, Mashed Taters, Green Beans and cobber...The table decorations were cups with WOW written on them and tobacco cans on a stick beef jerky, Peanuts, sunflower seeds and RC Cola and a Moonpie at every plate. after this we had a Red Neck Variety show, singing, jokes, skits...I may try to post pics or videos at some other point when I figure that out on here.

Then Sunday morning we finished up meetings, Reports from the commitees who had met to discuss certain things including the nominating committee who nominated Wilma Wright (from my lodge) as State President, John Moy (OKC Lodge) as VP, Me as secretary and Connie Worley (OKC Lodge) as Treasurer. There are also so many more positions, escort, greeter, musician, sgt at arms, trustees, scholarship committee...I have missed on, i can't think. but all positions were filled. Not sure the date of the next Officer meeting but it will be to begin planning for the State Picnic. Ever Even year we have a State Picnic this is just a fun weekend to enjoy with your family. we have games, events, food, bingo, socialization, silent auction, country store, cake walk...a whole weekend of fun on the Odd years we have our State Convention were the State Officers attend as well as delegates from each of the lodges, the # of delegates depends on the # of people who are in your lodge (this does not mean active members but of all that have WOW insurance or other product are considered members).
We try to make the Conventions enjoyable and at the same time do things that will benefit the area we are having the convention, as playground equipment at a park, In the past it has been benches and other things, I usually don't get to go to the dedications for one reason or another so i can't remember what all they have been .

Anyway that was my weekend. It was so much fun.

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