Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Why do we get ICE and no Snow?!

Well it is getting icy outside...Why did they not cancel school the high for the day was around 6 am when it was 33 or 34...Now it is dropping. They warn not to drive in this if possible. I always here about wreck after wreck on the ice and I myself have slid but not wrecked on the ice...Today though I came in to work at 8 so I was late...Slid thru Evergreen on 12th cuz hit some ice...Finally made it to work. My cousin who works here had to leave to go pick up his wife and kids who were in a wreck on the ice...she spun out to the side and I guess was hit. Don't know the whole story...He took them home then turned around and took them to ER...Then we had a guy who ignored the No Soliciting sign and came in to sell us office supplies (That all has to go to Main office anyway) He warned me the steps were getting slippery...He left, down the grass to avoid the ice, One of our vendors came in to ask us to open the gate so he could refill our Propane tanks for our heat...I told David he was here and told Mike next time he went out that he should be careful because of the ice...Came back here with David and the guy stepped out and slid down the steps and think broke his leg...So we called 911. So this has been an even filled day...We were told school may let out early too so I am trying to stay on top of the news to know...Fun, Fun, Fun...What is to come next?!

Monday, January 26, 2009

2009 not our year (so far)

How come things just keep going wrong? Did I not eat enough black eyed peas or what?

Starting with the 17th of Jan, we met my FIL & his wife for lunch which was so much fun then took my kids and they had brought our nieces, so we all went to Jump 'n' Land at the mall. Well that night Ryan started limping then Sunday he could not put any pressure on his foot. So we went to the ER and his foot is sprained (possible fracture but too swollen to tell). They would not let him come to school without A) Crutches or B) Wheel Chair...well B is out since it is only a sprained ankle ins does not cover it as medically necessary, and I tried calling everywhere and could not find anyone who had crutches for 3'10" so he had to be out all week. New x-rays done this morning, just have to wait for reading...Follow up is at 9:15 tomorrow...Hopefully it will be well enough to walk on

Fast Forward to Saturday the 24th. We slept in which was great, then I caught my pinky toe on the door of the bathroom and have broken it. Then we went to Garland, MIL kept the kids while we did some running around. We stopped at the Race Track Gas station right around the corner from her house and went in to get soda's came out got in the car and some idiot decided to back in next too us--REALLY CLOSE. the lady could not get out of the passenger door. there was more room toward the front of our car so Ryan tried to get out and he hit that guys car (mercede's) the guy pulled out then came over and got all in Ryan's face. We pulled out...no damage to either car and he started following us til we got to Bucking Ham, we turned Right and he turned left but I just knew he was going to run us off the road or something!

K now for Sunday. I went to a meeting at church, Ryan was trying to get kids ready and had given them a bath. The Heater in the ceiling of the bathroom has quit so I had Ryan light the bathroom furnace...He gave the kids their baths and got them out of the bathroom. While Dressing Ashley, Ameera decided to go back into the bathroom where she slipped and hit the furnace...it had been off for 5 minutes but she has 2nd degree burns on her left arm and it took off skin. We have been doctoring it but at least I have ryan talked in to having it checked by the dr but she could not get in til 11:30 tomorrow so we will see what they say.

Bad things happen in 3's right? So that means it can only get better, right?...