Thursday, March 5, 2009

Ok - So Econonmy in Trouble and they want to waste our money...

What is this about. We are all struggling right now. Some can't find a job, others are having hours cut and stuff and our Government in OK wants to up our taxes so they can Italicize the word Oklahoma and add and exclamation point!!!

Our flag has been the same since 1941. It ain't broke - Don't fix it. Our economy is slowly breaking, Falling apart. More and more are going on welfare and other government assistant programs. More and more are filing applications and hoping to get a call (I know I see many of them OVER, and OVER and OVER again!) It is so hard to find a job in these times and you just want us to pay for changing a flag that is PERFECT the way it is?

We are paying Politicians to sit up in the House and talk about non-sense. We really need someone to talk about this issues and what to do to try and help not make worse!

If anyone interested in what I am talking about here is the news story as posted on our local station KXII!

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Karies place said...

I find myself avoiding politics and news because it all makes me either sad or sick.