Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It's hard when your kids are sick!

Ashley is just fine in every aspect except for her eyes. She has so much energy and does not want to be still. No fever or anything...Just her eyes.

Monday I got an email from the school nurse. They noticed as Ashley was in the line to get on the bus that her left eye was red and swollen and might have some puss green color coming out...So Ryan calls and schedules an appointment...Yep it is pink eye...They give us drops to put in her eyes and do you know how hard it is to hold down an 4 yr old and put something in her eyes! So daddy doctored them after they got home with her prescription then I get home and we make dinner...We notice her Right eye is starting to swell and get red so we doctor both eyes. She woke up this morning and had the Right eye swollen shut, left eye is not so red or swollen but the right is...So hold down put drops in and decide to bring her to work for just a couple of hours...She has so much energy and just wants to do everything and if only Pink eye was not contagious...I could take her to school and have a normal day instead she has not where to put all that energy! Hopefully both eyes are clear tomorrow, if they are then the dr said she is ok to go to school so we shall see!

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Karies place said...

Oh that pink eye is nasty. I got pink eye with my first two pregnancies. Not sure why I didn't with my 3rd. Hope she feels better soon.